Week 1 update

The first week of our road trip across the US has been mostly about driving and escaping the cold. Maine through Massachusetts was chilly at night, but getting nicer each day as we descend south.


-Finally getting on the road after 2 months of getting up to other things

-Finding a great 24/7 gym (2600 locations across the US….perfect for us) – Anytime Fitness

-Getting everything set up for our trip – contacting friends, getting a cell phone, getting US$ accounts sorted, etc.

-Nice visit and whaling museum in New Bedford, Mass.

-Taking the scenic route through Maine and beyond


Scrimshaw gallery at the whaling museum below (for you Dad)


We found out that a blue whale’s heart is the size of a VW beetle


Fort Knox


Jackson pumping iron….can you guess what country we might be in?


Stats for the week:

-6 states

-1425 kms (885 miles)

-$1879.41 spent (including winterizing van, health and vehicle insurance, gym membership, etc)



  1. Sounds great guys this is F&*king hilarious! You should also document ‘People of Walmart’ as you continue your trek into the great abyss. PS. interested to see you are using an old school map vs Google Maps….



  2. If it’s possible to be hate-happy for someone then that’s what I am… I’m extremely happy for you both mixed uniquely with jealousy and hate.. Love Chris:)



  3. This is sooooo awesome that you are communicating through video — it makes it so REAL. I love what you are doing and can’t wait for more updates, keep them coming!!! Love, Sheelagh

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  4. Hi Erin,
    Funny that you needed your parents to get in the US. Not so funny that you are shopping at Walmart. Don’t you have the map of all the co-ops in the States? I am sure you can find it at NCBA site.



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