Week 7 update

December 31, 2014-January 6, 2015.

Ringing in the new year is always a treat for us. In gratitude, we look back at 2014 and with anticipation we look forward to 2015. Erin wrote a post on her Chapter 30 blog listing some of the coolest experiences in 2014 with pics (trips, celebrations, challenges).

This was the final week of being in our house-sitting gig in Orlando (which was a great experience). We’re in Orlando for another week while Jackson reviews the Landmark Forum course. After the life transformational course, we’ll head to even warmer weather in Miami. After a sunburn we will head up the gulf coast of Florida.





We brought a groupon to “Airheads” trampoline arena which was playful, childish and oh so fun. Jackson jumped higher than everyone else (note: everyone else was 7 years old).



We met the neighbors at our housesit when EVERYONE set off fireworks on New Year’s Eve. We had bought a supply in Georgia and were waiting for the right time.



In good form to ring in the new year, we went to the gym twice.Finny thing, in the week following January 1 the gym got much busier.


We did some Tai Chang (similar to Tai Chi) and yoga this week


We went to Salsa Heat for a beginner salsa lesson. They made you switch partners every few minutes so after a few rotations of dancing with snowbirds, Jackson’s skills were looking pretty darn good.


We checked out Penguin Knife Fight again at Natura Cafe which is a really great improv comedy show. Jackson volunteered for a game where the performers would point to him to fill in the blanks. He’s a quick thinker and did a great job!

wpid-wp-1420514115417.jpeg wpid-wp-1420514361175.jpeg

We’ve been doing a lot more walking this week and ocasionally we come across interesting creatures.


Erin started song-writing this week with instructor Ben which was so cool! She wrote a song called “Tied Together” and is working on more. As well, she’s learned some Eagles music and is going country-music this week.


Jackson enjoyed his final session of acupuncture in Orlando with Dr. Yang. As well, we each got massages this week from Crystal Blue Health Spa (Amanda Howard).  NOTE: the new haircut 😉




-We’re reading (Listening) “The Pursuit of Perfect” by Tal Ben-Shahar and “You are a badass” by Jen Sincero

-We visited the First Unitarian Church of Orlando this Sunday too which focused on how times and attitudes change in society (how women used to not lead churches, how this week Florida passed legislation to allow same-sex marriage and then…where will we be in 100 years? What will we look back on and think how bizarre it was?)




1 US state this week (FL), 16 in total during the trip

369 kms this week (229 mi), 6248 total on the trip (3882 mi)

Spent $323.32 this week, $6460.15 total



  1. Sounds like that was a great week for you two. Lots of fun things going on! Glad to hear everything is going great, can’t wait to watch the next weeks update 🙂



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