Week 8 update

January 7-13, 2015.
This past week we stayed in Florida and wrapped up our time in Orlando….getting ready to head even further south (where we are now – in the keys). We’ve been away for 2 months now and we’re starting to get our stride with figuring out what works best for us: taking time to enjoy coffee in the mornings, getting to the gym early, having lots of fresh food around, adding in a little straight-up tourism here and there, chatting with the locals, staying in touch with family/friends back home, getting lots of sleep, meditating, etc.






Seeing our new friends again (the ones we house-sat for) Victor and Houda. They took Erin out for dinner at the Cedars (Lebanese restaurant) which had great food and belly dancing.


Jackson did the Landmark Forum course which he’d love to tell you more about if you’re interested. It’s a total life reboot. The pic above is he and new friend Dasha at dinner during the course.

Erin attended “a course in miracles” which is a course on shifting how you see the world in simple terms (meeting new friend Elisa, another participant who is also exploratory and is planning a great adventure herself).



Erin also attending a mass same-sex marriage ceremony at the Unitarian Church since same-sex marriage has just been recognized in the state of Florida. Some of the couples have been together for decades. Celebrating love!

wpid-wp-1421186388142.jpeg wpid-wp-1421186405717.jpeg

We wrapped up a month of working out at Anytime Fitness in Orlando (South Hiawassee Road), a club owned by Ella and Nick Carter. They kept a really well-run, clean, friendly gym. We kept healthy over the holidays, sometimes visiting twice a day. Thanks!

wpid-wp-1421115559200.jpeg wpid-img_20150112_212509.jpg

We enjoyed another (our final) evening of improv, watching the group Penguin Knife Fight. Lots of laughs once again. We had become regulars, but alas, we’ll find a new laughter hotspot in our upcoming locations.


1 US state this week (FL), 16 in total during the trip

587 kms this week (365 mi), 6835 total on the trip (4247 mi)

Spent $474.38 this week, $6934.53 total


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