Week 17 update

March 11-17, 2015.

Grand Canyon….totally epic. We have done very little hiking on this trip but we could not pass up the opportunity to hike the Grand Canyon (from the southern rim in Arizona). We found out there was a little place to stay at the bottom and we got a couple of bunks (the last reservations available for 2 weeks) so we got our supplies together quickly and hit the trail. Honestly, it’s all we did pretty much the whole week because after the hike down in one day and the hike back out the next, we could not walk (at all). Erin came down with a bad cold and was sick for the rest of the week.


The trail was pretty good. You just need to watch the edges and keep your head on straight. At one point Jackson took a rest on a rock on the outer edge of the trail and his eyes got wide all of a sudden, he jumped up and the rock fell from beneath him down into the canyon. Quick tip – stick to resting on the inner edge of the trail.


Here is Jackson enjoying a Grand Canyon beer at the Phantom Ranch canteen at the bottom. Here’s our new friend Chip who was with a bunch of men who have been doing a trip every 5 years since 1985. Great guys.


A deer calmly grazing beside the Colorado River (bottom of the canon)


Here are the adorable cabins of Phantom Ranch. After 4 hours of walking in the heat down the Kaibob Trail, we would’ve stayed anywhere but having a bunk was a treat.


It took us 7 hours to walk back up. We took the more gradual route – Bright Angel – and we took breaks every 25 minutes. That didn’t save us from being sore like we hoped though 🙂



Even though Erin was still sick, we headed toward Vegas. We arrived late to the Hoover Dam but it was still pretty neat to see.




2 US states this week (AZ, NV), 23 in total during the trip
691 kms this week (429 mi), 14169 total on the trip (8804 mi)
Spent $533.33 this week, $13757.87 total



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