Week 18 update

March 18-24, 2015.
This week Erin was on the mend from her cold so we saw a bit more than last week, but mostly we kept it low key. We drove through Vegas without taking in any of the activities for which it’s known (or perhaps we made a pact that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas:-). We ended the week in a little town between Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz called Orcutt. Driving the California highways/roads is a treat. There’s so much beauty and the weather has been stellar.


So we drove through Las Vegas. Erin wanted to see the strip so we drove up and down it, although she didn’t have the energy to get out, gamble, see a show, etc.

wpid-wp-1427093121308.jpeg wpid-wp-1427093151106.jpeg wpid-wp-1427093139781.jpeg wpid-wp-1427093130636.jpeg

We headed west to California and driving Highway 1 along the coast, through Malibu and other lovely places was such a nice drive.


We did a big clean of our “home” and Jackson put his muscles to work. We headed to Venice Beach on a Saturday so we didn’t see much of the beach, but we saw everything cute surrounding it.


Erin got back on her feet, got her voice back and restrung her guitar. It was a bit sloppy, but it was a first try at guitar independence.


Our friends from Calgary were on a road trip with their 3 girls and we had such a nice visit in Ventura, California. Paul and Christine, you guys are great!

wpid-wp-1427173376092.jpeg wpid-wp-1427173421322.jpeg

We watched the surfers at Surfers Point Park. We even saw a sea lion getting in on the action.

wpid-wp-1427173407619.jpeg wpid-wp-1427173394910.jpeg

We had a lunch date and some yummy Thai food in Ventura.


We checked out a couple thrift stores in Ventura too (there are tons!). Although the sign is odd, I think we know what they mean…..a fundraising store perhaps.



In one day Erin read 4 books….a random mix of thrift store finds. After a week of laying in bed watching movies (a few good ones and a bunch of bad ones), reading was a nice change.


We stopped to check out the view in the hills somewhere between Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz.

wpid-wp-1427256098043.jpeg wpid-wp-1427256136634.jpeg

We visited Orcutt, California. We spent a lot of time walking around, exploring and enjoying the warm weather.

wpid-img_20150325_114416.jpg wpid-wp-1427396792362.jpeg wpid-img_20150325_115944.jpg wpid-img_20150325_115923.jpg


2 US states this week (NV, CA), 24 in total during the trip
836 kms this week (519 mi), 15005 total on the trip (9324 mi)
Spent $677.51 this week, $14435.38 total USD



  1. Great. I hope you are liking the weather like we are.
    Stay away from 10050 Cielo Dr. in Benedict Canyon, north of Beverly Hills. That’s where Mansion made his name.
    Do visit Alcatraz, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Palm Springs aerial Tramway.

    Take care of each other. – Dad



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