Week 24 update

April 29-May 5, 2015.

We spent the whole week in Calgary, Alberta (the Texas of the north), with a short venture out to Lake Louise in Banff National Park. It was so neat to hang out with friends’ kids and see our friends as parents. This week was also exciting because there was an election and the NDP won a majority government (on the same night the Calgary Flames won a playoff match against the Ducks  – to boot). The energy was palpable throughout the city.


Our friend Hazel and her partner Greg had us over for dinner and we had some great conversation. Greg, Hazel and Erin are all into co-operatives (collectively-owned, democratically-controlled businesses) and shared their stories about community development and how they’ve been involved with different projects. We toured their housing co-operative too.


Our friend Farshid took us to the best pizza place we’ve possibly ever been to – Famoso Napolitan in downtown Calgary. The one with sharp cheese, walnuts, dates and honey is absolutely heavenly.


As Erin prepares for her hiking trip to Iceland (coming up in June), we have taken on little hikes every other day. We went out for a couple hours along the Bow River. As the trains passed we *found* flattened coins on the tracks.



We went off-trail for a short time and that didn’t work out so well. Erin caught her hand on a thorn bush, but no major injuries.

wpid-20150430_120351.jpg wpid-20150430_120606.jpg

Jackson’s Aunt Susan and her partner Lutz took us out for yummy Indian food. They are both so animated and live rich lives. The travel stories and conversation were just as awesome as the food.


Lutz is a phenomenal guitarist/performer and even on Erin’s junky van guitar, he sounded spectacular.wpid-20150501_205833.jpg

We met up with Farshid after the UU (Unitarian Universalist) church service on Sunday and headed to the Rockies. We’ve seen the Rockies a couple times before, but we never stopped at Lake Louise. It was a beautiful place to see.

wpid-wp-1430866729987.jpg wpid-wp-1430866786059.jpg 

wpid-wp-1430866818462.jpg wpid-wp-1430866887113.jpg

We hiked around the lake which still had a lot of snow.

wpid-wp-1430866855151.jpg wpid-wp-1430866752882.jpg 

When we got back to Calgary we went to the Kensington neighborhood for burgers. Flippin’ Burgers was a little hole in the wall that have a few specialties that proved tasty. Jackson had a handful with the signature burger and Erin had their falafel burger. The staff seemed of the cold hipster variety, but the food was good.


We visited out friends Paul and Christine next and their three lovely girls (who we also met up with earlier on this trip in California). We did a day trip out to Head-smashed-in Buffalo Jump. We learned about how the aboriginal people in the area had herded buffalo off the cliff for food and materials. It was quite a community effort to orchestrate it.

wpid-wp-1430867008088.jpg wpid-wp-1430866988232.jpg

wpid-wp-1430866977607.jpg  wpid-wp-1430866941025.jpg


We grabbed lunch on the way back to town. The girls are so fun and energetic.


We played Ticket to Ride which is somewhat like Monopoly and Settlers of Cattan, but even better I’d say.


We got our hair cut by Amy from Salon FLI. Loved it!


We saw one of Erin’s friend from her undergrad program – Renaissance College leadership program at the University of New Brunswick. We spent a little time at the park with Kate and her adorable kids.

wpid-wp-1430867063125.jpg wpid-wp-1430867106442.jpg

Comedy continues to be something we enjoy so we went to a stand up show at the Comedy Cave. We were the first ones there….we are very prepared to have fun!

wpid-wp-1430896525921.jpg wpid-20150505_190056.jpg 

Our buddy Ben who is from Fredericton, NB and his partner Parm joined us. Since it was election day and the Calgary Flames were in the playoffs, there were only 10 people in the audience. The comics were great.

wpid-wp-1430896555555.jpg wpid-wp-1430896538461.jpg


0 US states this week, 26 in total during the trip
1 Canadian provinces this week, 3 total during the trip (NB, BC, AB)
377 kms this week (234 mi), 21201 total on the trip (13174 mi)
Spent $746.25 this week, $23649.50 total CAD


A truly Canadian moment caught on film.


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