Week 25 update

May 6-12, 2015.

We stayed in Alberta for the better part of the week. We then headed east and committed the great (and terribly common) Canadian sin by breezing through the prairies in just a two days. We just drove. We’re keen to see friends in Sudbury, Toronto and Ottawa….so we rushed Manitoba and Saskatchewan. We decided to head north around the great lakes in Ontario instead of taking the US route just south of the great lakes.


We visited Elana, a good friend of ours from our days in Toronto. She showed us around her chiropractic office at Optimum Health in Calgary. She gave us both great treatments. We’re moving smoothly again.


Elana suggested we try out Farm, a simply wonderful restaurant with delectable food in downtown Calgary.

wpid-wp-1430968449540.jpg wpid-wp-1430968349731.jpg

We had a selection of wine, homemade mac and cheese and veggies.


Jackson partook in the city’s conveniences as we walked about. Good thinking Calgary. On a Friday or Saturday I imagine this place is packed.


Erin also partook in the city’s services – a thorough shoe shine by Peter who stays around 6th and 17th. It’s pay-what-you-want and he’s got lots of stories to offer. Major improvement for my boots (they’ve got A LOT of miles on them).

wpid-wp-1430968409732.jpg wpid-wp-1430968417496.jpg

Before we left Calgary we did the “Maritime pop-in” on Rob, a friend from Fredericton. In the Maritimes it’s common to just pop in without calling first and we did just that! He was home, and his wife and daughter were too.


The next big stop was visiting Erin’s old friend Jill (old meaning they’ve been friends for almost 20 years). Wow, it’s wild when one can say that! She just got back from Vancouver where she went to see a TLC and New Kids on the Block concert. That’s a great hug!

wpid-wp-1431148052163.jpg wpid-wp-1431148080847.jpg

Jill and her partner Dave live in Brooks, about 2 hours east of Calgary. They welcomed us for an extended weekend. We ate, played and got to see how they live. First thing when we arrived, we ate lobster! It wasn’t like when Erin was a kid and they raced them across the kitchen floor to see who would get boiled first (seems mighty cruel, right). A friend dropped them off already cooked. Now that’s a friend!


We made homemade lip balm and hand salve. Jill does some super cool projects and the homemade body products are just the start. Loved making a mess and it turned out!

wpid-wp-1431301248861.jpg wpid-wp-1431316211933.jpg

wpid-wp-1431301257075.jpg wpid-wp-1431301288950.jpg

Another thing she makes is Moonshine. We sampled lots of it and it was good. She gave us more for the road. Living in a van and having mason jars of booze just feels like a good match.


Jill also showed us around the library where she works. She made an accessibility room, a teen area and she runs tons of youth programming. It’s cool to see a friend in her element.


Jackson made himself at home at the library. Seriously, let the kids have a chance!wpid-wp-1431148096478.jpg

We ate great food! We had BBQ, turkey dinner, yummy Vietnamese food out at Wasana and we tried “grapples” – the grape/apple hybrid”.


wpid-wp-1431316273814.jpg wpid-wp-1431316398029.jpg


We went to the awesome rec facility for swimming (lazy river, laps, slide, wave pool) and the gym.

image1 image2

We got outside to enjoy the sun too. Mostly we sat on the back deck and drank Corona. However, we also walked around the nearby park a couple times.

wpid-wp-1431226940114.jpg wpid-wp-1431226968204.jpg

We fed some horses too.


And showed off our hula hooping skills. Jill rocks.

wpid-wp-1431316416488.jpg wpid-wp-1431316290616.jpg


Then it was time for the “glamour”shots! #whenoldfriendsreunite

20150509_213307 20150509_212934 20150509_213257

We saw [some of] the prairies (the pic below is Alberta…didn’t get much of Saskatchewan or Manitoba). We met Gabby (who used to live in Halifax) for a coffee. Thanks for making Regina a destination for us Gabby!




0 US states this week, 26 in total during the trip
3 Canadian provinces this week, 5 total during the trip (NB, BC, AB, SK, MB)
1706 kms this week (1060 mi), 22907 total on the trip (14234 mi)
Spent $1127.61 this week, $24777.11 total CAD




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