Week 26 update

May 13-19, 2015.

This week we drove….a lot. We went through northern Ontario and around the Great Lakes to Sudbury. We went full circle all the way back to Toronto (where we sold our place back in September and started this whole journey). We just relished in visiting with old friends and seeing familiar city sights.


So we drove through the forests of northern Ontario. It was a bit drab (we’ve done it before and the scenery was a bit pre-spring so-to-speak).

wpid-wp-1432165929931.jpg wpid-wp-1432165852932.jpg

Check out the ice flows near the Muskoka Area


We finally made it to Sudbury, Ontario and visited our friend Tiffany (our past Toronto roommate and now a chiropractor)

wpid-wp-1432165892495.jpg wpid-wp-1432165913727.jpg

She took us on a walkabout around the lake

wpid-wp-1432165969807.jpg wpid-wp-1432165958474.jpg

We took in some Sudbury night life. We prepared by having some moonshine (from Jill in Alberta – you might remember from a previous post). Cherry pie moonshine. Yummy! BTW we were just hanging in the van here and not driving. It’s a hot spot for entertaining it turns out.


We went to this awesome remodeled KFC which now serves vegan tacos – Taco Lounge. Oh gosh, this was one of the best food stops on the trip. Go Sudbury!

wpid-wp-1432165992519.jpg wpid-wp-1432166015924.jpg wpid-wp-1432166004546.jpg

We saw a museum of artifacts I think. You might call it the netflix of the past. But it exists in present day in Sudbury. I think they call it a video rental store.


A new indoor exotic zoo is opening soon in Sudbury. For now it’s just a cool pet store. Check out these neato creatures.

wpid-wp-1432166078649.jpg wpid-wp-1432166067133.jpg

So we’ve been to lots establishments that sell flights of beer samplers (and we love that), but this took it to a whole new level of booze sampling. Hardrock 42 (Sudbury) serves flights of caesars – dill, spicy, traditional, with Jack Daniels added. They do beer flights too. Fun place to visit during an evening in Sudbury. We went to the Laughing Buddha after as well which was a super packed spot (full of young hipsters). Go there!


Tiffany and Erin hit the trails. Jackson, of course, was taking a beat on his own in a cafe. We both were rejuvenating.

wpid-wp-1432166131135.jpg wpid-wp-1432166123775.jpg

We saw a movie at the theatre (a classic in the making….Pitch Perfect 2) and then we made dinner together. Erin loves making her dips – guacamole, salsa and humous.

wpid-wp-1432166260104.jpg wpid-wp-1432166248149.jpg

Tiffany made homemade crackers. Making these are so easy and they are great to impress your friends at a dinner party. Flour, oil, water, salt (and optional spices, herbs and seeds). Literally that’s it. Mix it together (no need to measure) until you get the consistency of dough.


We had finger foods, wine and netflix. Just what we all wanted.


Lastly we saw the big nickel. Full photo shoot… Embracing the role of tourist.


When we arrived in Toronto we had dinner with Sum and Mike. Sum was a professor of Jackson’s and a wonderful friend and support to us during the years we lived in Toronto. She’s a great cook too. Tons of traditional Chinese food. Jackson was immediately called to service – gardening, fixing garage door, etc. There’s no such thing as a free lunch!

wpid-wp-1432166282961.jpg wpid-wp-1432166297839.jpg

On the Victoria Day Monday we took a Body Flow class (yoga, pilates, tai chi) with Lisa (a friend of Erin’s from Nova Scotia – they’ve known each other since they were 4 years old). Lisa is a Goodlife Fitness instructor. Her voice is soothing and her occasional singing between instructions is angelic. What a great way to spend a holiday morning. She joined us for a healthy lunch in the van after class.

wpid-20150518_113052.jpg wpid-wp-1432166305763.jpg

We went to the Distillery District to grab coffee at Balzac’s Cafe with Lorraine (a friend of Erin’s – they used to work at Katimavik together doing youth development work). She leads such a rad life – travel, so social, great music, so much care for others. It’s inspiring to meet up and catch with a friend like this.


Lorraine has a stunning condo in the Distillery District. Her outdoor space has this awesome view of the city.

wpid-wp-1432166380000.jpg wpid-wp-1432166365300.jpg

We headed over to another hot neighborhood – Queen West – for Thai food with Peggy and Ed (college friends from New Brunswick). To say we had lively and varied conversation is an understatement. Teaming up Jackson and Ed is fireworks. Smart + Funny. Peggy and Erin are no slouches either.


We visited another chiropractic friend Larisa (and her husband Em) who has a new, gorgeous clinic at Bayview and Sheppherd in North York. She has magic hands!

wpid-img_20150518_203625.jpg wpid-img_20150518_203641.jpg

We headed back for a campfire with Larisa. Inner-city camping. Who says Toronto doesn’t have it all?!

wpid-img_20150518_222254.jpg wpid-img_20150518_222215.jpg

We returned to our favorite, absolutely favorite restaurant in Toronto which is Jerusalem Restaurant…which we call Jerusalem Palace. Below is Jackson’s face in heaven i.e. eating a falafel pita sandwich (fresh pita made on site to start with lots of humous, pickled turnip, tahina, coleslaw, tomato).


We had another special dinner in the van with Julia – Goolia. She was a friend of Erin’s from high school and later became a roommate in Toronto. Best times! Champagne reunion.



0 US states this week, 26 in total during the trip
1 Canadian province this week, 6 total during the trip (NB, BC, AB, SK, MB, ON)
2107 kms this week (1309 mi), 25014 total on the trip (15543 mi)
Spent $1393.74 this week, $26170.85 total CAD




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