Week 27 update

May 20-26, 2015.

This was our last week in the van together – Toronto-Oakville-Burlington-Toronto-Brockville-Ottawa. Wow, 27 weeks living in a very small space and we even kissed goodbye. That’s 189 days together full-time, day and night. This was definitely the adventure of a lifetime and a growth experience for us as individuals as well as us as a couple. We came up with some very useful “house” rules that were posted in the van.


Thanks to Jackson’s parents who made this possible through lending us their amazing Roadtrek for the journey. It was the best vehicle. We’ll do some future posts on what we learned and how to get the most out of a road trip like this, but for now we’ll give you our highlights from the week.



Oakville for lunch with Erin’s college friend Alex. She had a busy day so we went right to her parking lot at the Weather Network and made lunch. There’s no stopping us when we want to see lovely people!

wpid-fb_img_1432160134888.jpg wpid-img_20150520_115624.jpg

We visited Erin’s family in Burlington and helped them with moving out – clearing out the treasures they’ve collected over the years. Good luck on the move Aunt Carol and Uncle Frank!

wpid-img_20150520_161723.jpg wpid-img_20150520_161716.jpg

We visited lots of great friends in Toronto. We had tea with our previous neighbor Joan, Korean food with Bonnie, more tea with Julia and Connorly.  Thanks for your warmth and conversation.

wpid-20150519_113138.jpg wpid-wp-1432244312658.jpg wpid-wp-1432244372373.jpg

We visited the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College where Jackson studied. We visited the faculty and staff who made a real difference for him.


We also painted a deck with our friend Sum. She was hosting a reunion of sorts of her previous chiropractic students (she’s a prof of micro-biology) and she wanted a fresh-looking deck. It ended up being too cold to be outside for the party, but the view was nice 🙂 It was perhaps serendipitous that Jackson hurt his back at the gym so Erin ended up painting it 🙂 We believe you Jackson.


Here’s the reunion in progress. Corn boil, steaks on the BBQ, beer all around, Korean desserts, rootbeer floats – a whole spread. It was fun to see everyone again – especially the friends we’ve had for a long time like Leo, Larisa, Rob and Sum. You guys really made our time in Toronto awesome (when we lived there and also recently when we visited).

wpid-wp-1432448828650.jpg wpid-wp-1432448867252.jpg wpid-wp-1432448854819.jpg

We took in a Jays game with our friend and past roommate Julia and her colleagues. What a blast! We started the wave a solid two times and belted out the singing portions of the evening with vigor (“Take me out to the ballgame…”). We even got hotdogs (veggie dogs) with all the standard Toronto toppings – olives, saurkraut, honey mustard, etc.

wpid-wp-1432449019668.jpg wpid-wp-1432448902699.jpg

Our time in Toronto was up and we headed east to Brockville, Ontario where we visited Ashley and Drew (Ashley and Erin went to college together). We saw them in Florida at the beginning of our trip (see that blog post here). They live in a very cute town. We went out for a walk, for Thai food, for a dip in their hottub, to see a live band (teachers that Ashley works with) and over to visit another friend Sarah. She had a spectacular selection of nail polish so we had fun with that. We also really enjoyed playing with Ashley and Drew’s kids – Addison and Ben. They are such smart and adorable kids.

wpid-wp-1432448750593.jpg wpid-wp-1432448750470.jpg wpid-wp-1432448732957.jpg wpid-wp-1432448715632.jpg wpid-wp-1432448708509.jpg wpid-wp-1432448695856.jpg

wpid-wp-1432448673225.jpg wpid-wp-1432448665573.jpg wpid-wp-1432448656231.jpg

Ottawa was our final stop on this journey together. Erin is staying in Ottawa for a couple weeks to visit and for a conference (related to her previous work). Jackson is moving on to New Brunswick to drop off the van. We did a major clean and fix-up of the van including replacing a hub cap we lost back in Florida and waxing the whole darn thing. That baby shines!

wpid-wp-1432656089023.jpg wpid-wp-1432656236103.jpg wpid-wp-1432656206028.jpg

In Ottawa, we visited our friend Sarah and got a massage (she’s a massage therapist at Life Therapies).


Bye bye Jackson.


After Jackson left and Erin collected herself (despite having the odd challenge living in such a small space together with so much time on our hands for 27 weeks, it was tough to see him drive away), Erin got right back into the swing of things in Ottawa. She played with her former roommate’s dog Buffy and went for a run with great friends Jeannine and Katie. Ah Ottawa, running your river trail is so lovely.

wpid-wp-1432688404734.jpg wpid-wp-1432688440545.jpg


0 US states this week, 26 in total during the trip
1 Canadian province this week, 6 total during the trip (NB, BC, AB, SK, MB, ON) – Jackson also did QC on his own while returning the van to his parents
1117 kms this week (694 mi), 26131 total on the trip (16237 mi)
Spent $872.10 this week, $27042.95 total CAD



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