Week 28 update

May 27-May 2, 2015.

So we had our first week in separate places, the first time we spent more than a few hours away from each other in months. Jackson headed to Fredericton to return the van to his folks and to visit with them as well as get a quiet study space set up to prepare for his final chiropractic board exam (part c). Erin stayed in Ottawa to visit friends and attend a conference. Spring has sprung!


Erin lived it up in Ottawa, visiting friends, running around the city (literally and figuratively) – from the river to the lakes and the canal, this city is meant for running!

wpid-wp-1433025190145.jpg wpid-wp-1433025250531.jpg wpid-wp-1433213590457.jpg

And what a sunset while out on a run with Rob.


wpid-img_20150527_194137.jpg wpid-img_20150527_192617.jpg

Erin visited with Sarah and Kate, former colleagues from the Canadian Co-operative Association, at Pure Kitchen, a wonderful vegan restaurant in Westboro. Saw a friend who also does coaching – Marian there too later on last week. Great conversations ladies!

wpid-wp-1433024954446.jpg  wpid-wp-1433024972146.jpg

Visited with friends Lesley and Mathieu in Little Italy. These travellers had lots of stories to swap as they recently visited the UAE.

wpid-img_20150528_190300.jpg wpid-wp-1433025206973.jpg

Erin spent a little time at Ottawa’s key coffee institution – Bridgehead – in her old neighborhood of Hintonburg (Erin lived there 2012-15) with friend Jeannine and generously Jeannine opened her doors to give Erin a room while visiting Ottawa. Thanks! Like old times!

wpid-wp-1432789292020.jpg wpid-wp-1433024913788.jpg

Erin met up with Anne, a talented artist and yoga instructor, to catch up at Hintonburg Public House.  wpid-wp-1433025077960.jpg wpid-wp-1433025059324.jpg

Did an awesome restorative yoga class with Lesley too, taught by Anne. Lots of props! Total rejuvenation.

wpid-wp-1433213638834.jpg wpid-wp-1433213646498.jpg

You can’t have a friend like Jeff Laroque (coordinator for the Big Bike event for the Heart and Stroke Foundation and not get a chance to participate! What a hoot riding past Parliament at supper time on a Friday. That’s Erin front and center.

wpid-wp-1433024997758.jpg wpid-wp-1433025314494.jpg

We joined key volunteer Rick for a cold one after.


And Friday night just wouldn’t be Friday night without a trip out for karaoke with Jeannine and Katie. We brought down the house!

wpid-wp-1433025095024.jpg wpid-wp-1433025120011.jpg

wpid-wp-1433025157123.jpg wpid-wp-1433025148097.jpg wpid-wp-1433025138494.jpg

That wasn’t the only “music” we enjoyed. Our friend Dave plays in West Park, a super fun and talented band. We spent Saturday evening rocking out with them at Dan O’Connell’s pub.

wpid-wp-1433057484611.jpg  wpid-wp-1433057450857.jpg

Jeannine, Katie, Rob, Laura and her dad visiting from NS and more all enjoyed together. Fun crowd! And then we did a little rock band photo shoot. Felt right.

wpid-wp-1433057432668.jpg wpid-wp-1433057464652.jpg

Beach day at Brittania Beach with Katie. And also a shot of wheatgrass for our health and for recovery from karaoke of course.

wpid-wp-1433025266801.jpg wpid-wp-1433025278685.jpg wpid-wp-1433025291032.jpg

Saw former roommate Troy and his wife (and a friend) Sarah for their moving out party. Baby on the way and a new house awaiting their arrival. Congrats!


Caught up with dear friend and former colleague (we shared an office) Fiona. We used to see each other everyday so we had a lot to get caught up on. Plus Fiona just arrived back from Paris the day before. Lovely!



The conference started (more on that next week) and Erin got to meet up with a ton of old friends including Luc, Erin’s master’s thesis supervisor from the University of New Brunswick. As well, Darryl and Andrius from York University, Justin and Nick who Erin served on a housing co-op association board with were all in town and many visits were had.

wpid-wp-1433300278214.jpg wpid-wp-1433300291320.jpg

Erin’s friend and former colleague (from Katimavik youth leadership program) Alicia was presenting a poster at the University of Ottawa with her partner Jenny so another nostalgic visit with an old friend. Loved it! Plus, Alicia’s research on straight ally involvement in gay/straight alliances is really neat (see info below if you want to get the paper).

wpid-wp-1433213606392.jpg wpid-wp-1433213618262.jpg


Onto Jackson’s week. Jackson returned home to visit his family and he was welcomed with open arms. He spent a bunch of time with his mom and grandmother.

wpid-20150531_094421.jpg wpid-20150530_110607.jpg

He’s been hitting the gym in between study sessions for his chiropractic board exam.

wpid-20150531_083816.jpg wpid-20150531_090948.jpg

He’s also seen his old childhood friends Matt and Nick. Push up competition anyone? Not with Matt, the greek god.

wpid-20150531_191629.jpg wpid-20150530_214821.jpg


0 US states this week, 26 in total during the trip
1 Canadian province this week, 7 total during the trip (NB, QC, BC, AB, SK, MB, ON)
Spent $1152.88 this week, $28195.83 total CAD


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