Week 29 update

May 3-9, 2015.

This week was a whirlwind for both of us! Jackson was doing lots of studying for his upcoming chiropractic board exam and celebrating his grandmother’s bday. Erin was finishing up a conference in Ottawa and then visiting family and friends in Nova Scotia (as well as gearing up to the big Iceland trip happening later this week). With that said, we will post again in early July when Erin returns from Iceland. In the interim, Jackson will firstly be completing his board exam and then touring Nova Scotia and New Brunswick visiting family and friends.

Highlights for Erin:

The Canadian Association for Studies in Co-operation conference as well as the Association for Non-Profit and Social Economy Research conference both happened in Ottawa. Erin presented a paper during a joint session that stems from her work with the Measuring the Co-operative Difference Research Network (her former pre-sabbatical life in Ottawa). The paper focused on educating for community development and specifically what types of educational activities are happening in co-operative enterprises across Canada.

wpid-wp-1433357152063.jpg wpid-wp-1433357159554.jpg wpid-wp-1433679184757.jpg

The conference was definitely a homecoming! So many people Erin has previously worked with were there presenting really interesting research. And they had some great social times too!

wpid-wp-1433337372319.jpg wpid-wp-1433679440624.jpg wpid-wp-1433679418868.jpg  wpid-wp-1433679149826.jpg

Erin got to finally meet the amazing person, David, who replaced her at the job she left to take this travelling sabbatical. What a great guy! Nice to feel that all of the projects are in good hands and heading in great directions.


Karaoke was a blast. It was the final night of the conference so no one had to get up early the next day! Justin (left pic), Marcelo and Nick (right pic) gave some memorable performances! Thanks for being up for it.

wpid-wp-1433679479379.jpg wpid-wp-1433679512611.jpg

And since one night of karaoke is NEVER enough, Erin’s Ottawa girlfriends joined in for night #2 of karaoke. Happy birthday Sarah! Sangria was a must. Popped by the Parkdale Market to get some fruit to make it happen.


Right pic below: Erin, Katie, Jeannine, Sarah, Laura.

wpid-wp-1433679771308.jpg wpid-wp-1433679747478.jpg

Just before leaving Ottawa, Erin met up with Lesley again to take in a sunny day – yard sales, Christmas store (so wild this is open year round, but honestly walking into it was magical), and more. 
wpid-wp-1433679788034.jpg  wpid-wp-1433679806191.jpg

And afternoon tea. What a great way to enjoy conversation and taste lots of yummy flavours.

wpid-wp-1433679827314.jpg wpid-wp-1433679616921.jpg


Then Erin flew to Nova Scotia! Wow, what a place. Total exhilaration getting off that plane!


Erin spent the following days visiting around Nova Scotia. The first road trip was with her parents to Tiverton, a small town on an island off of Digby to visit their “fixer upper cottage”.

wpid-wp-1433820170743.jpg wpid-wp-1433820566151.jpg

These ocean views were so nostalgic.

wpid-wp-1433820634563.jpg wpid-wp-1433820622155.jpg wpid-wp-1433820603857.jpg

Next was Oaklawn Farm Zoo with Erin’s dear friend Katie and her adorable kids. Going to the zoo with kids just elevates the whole experience. How did all of these wild animals end up in rural Nova Scotia?! Super impressed.

wpid-wp-1433820676045.jpg wpid-wp-1433820717340.jpg

wpid-wp-1433820767539.jpg wpid-wp-1433820758742.jpg

wpid-wp-1433820734112.jpg  wpid-wp-1433820696570.jpg

Erin and her mom went on a little joyride in her parents retirement car.



The whole family (Erin, his sister and parents) did a family day road trip around the Annapolis Valley of NS. The views were awesome! The fields were green.

wpid-wp-1433956282809.jpg wpid-wp-1433956303013.jpg

Erin visited the cottage in Chester, on the south shore of Nova Scotia. Despite the wild winter weather there over the past number of months, the cottage was in stellar shape!


Then it was down to business getting ready for the hiking/camping trip to Iceland coming up with Erin’s friend Jill who lives in the Yukon. Believe it or not, all of this stuff fit into a 60L hiking pack.

wpid-wp-1433820859830.jpg wpid-wp-1433820843454.jpg


Highlights for Jackson:

Jackson filled his week with intense studying for the upcoming chiropractic board exam. This has been a long road and we’re almost there! Go Jackson go!


Fish makes you smart….Jackson’s been eating A LOT this week. Hopefully that works.


Fancy coffee also helps.


Jackson got the tools for the job (or the tools for once the exam is over perhaps).

wpid-20150610_132005.jpg wpid-20150603_152043.jpg

Jackson cleaned out the van that was used for the big road trip and gave his mom this desk organizer that was picked up from the Evernote office in California (the whole family loves the program Evenote for organizing everything in life).


Other things… Spring has sprung and it’s time to focus on the outdoors.

wpid-20150602_151746.jpg  wpid-20150601_162643.jpg



0 US states this week, 26 in total during the trip
1 Canadian province this week, 8 total during the trip (NB, QC, BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, NS)
Spent $1000.49 this week, $29196.32 total CAD



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