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Summer is refreshing on the East Coast of Canada! If you’ve been following our blog, you know that at the end of September 2014 we sold our house in Toronto, finished work and school and set off on our “first retirement”. This travel sabbatical year has meant a 25+ week road trip around the USA and Canada in a Roadtrek camper van. For Erin it has also meant trips to Lesotho (Southern Africa), the UK and Iceland. The trip was first designed to be about 1 year including continental and overseas travel. Things have changed! Jackson has been offered a chiropractic position in Peru to begin this fall so the journey continues. The summer will be spent on the East Coast of Canada, visiting family. Jackson is also taking on getting his private pilot’s license (a long time dream of his). Erin is working to sell their cottage in beautiful Chester, Nova Scotia. This blog will continue to chronicle the adventures to South America.


Highlights from the East Coast

wpid-wp-1437294136180.jpg wpid-wp-1435663501893.jpeg wpid-wp-1435663471724.jpeg 

wpid-wp-1435663454562.jpeg wpid-wp-1436927574339.jpg wpid-wp-1436927555948.jpg

Are those aviators Jackson? Jackson is learning to fly on his parent’s 4 seater Cessna. Let’s practice stalls today. There’s Jackson and his grandmother Jackie as passengers while parents Merredith and Richard are flying. Thankfully Jackson’s parents have a closed circuit feed of the airplane hangar so we could all watch Jackson’s first take off and landing from the comfort of the living room.

wpid-wp-1437191018379.jpg wpid-wp-1437191011502.jpg wpid-wp-1437190997148.jpg

Erin joined friends Katie and Seth for the FredRock Festival in Fredericton in July. Jono from Jonovision (and the Trailer Park Boys) and Jeremy Taggart from Our Lady Peace hosted. Joel Plaskett did an amazing show that pulled at the heartstrings of every Maritimer. Temperance Movement was superb as well.

wpid-wp-1437190974566.jpg wpid-wp-1437190946626.jpg wpid-wp-1437190936300.jpg

wpid-wp-1437190914334.jpg wpid-wp-1437190901877.jpgwpid-wp-1437294125338.jpg

It wouldn’t be a proper summer without catching up with old friends and visiting some of Fredericton’s finer establishments – Greek food at Dimitri’s, karaoke at Boom, the bartender’s blend cocktails at Wilser’s Room with Erin (visiting from Korea), trivia at The Capital, tea at Chess Piece with Liz and so much more. Thank you for being adorable Fredericton!

wpid-wp-1436927433654.jpg wpid-wp-1436927420763.jpg wpid-wp-1436927392053.jpg

Canada Day was enjoyed with Katie and her family in Hantsport, NS in the beautiful Annapolis Valley.

wpid-wp-1435663515408.jpeg wpid-wp-1435663444362.jpeg wpid-wp-1436884172533.jpeg wpid-20150707_175305.jpg wpid-wp-1437912593993.jpg

Reconnecting with family and friends has been fun! Oliver and Katie are in their new house. Family parties abound by the river in NB with Will, Sanda and the gang. Running into old friends is still a thing in NB – this is the right scale for community! Thanks Erika for introducing Erin to the Henry House in downtown Halifax too. We’re looking forward to settling in NS next year and now we’re starting to get to know it a bit better.

wpid-20150619_151450.jpg wpid-wp-1435663482767.jpeg 1379570_10154127740354478_5233446553130550689_n(1) wpid-wp-1437350115242.jpg

Learning Spanish is underway. Since Jackson will be working as a chiropractor in Peru starting this fall, we’ve been seeing tutors, meeting up with people from Peru and we hosted a Spanish dinner with Adriana (our tutor from Mexico), Melissa and Sabastian (both from Peru).

wpid-20150614_142836.jpg  wpid-wp-1435186104110.jpeg wpid-wp-1436927759299.jpgwpid-20150705_082147.jpg



Beer + gym = Good times (thanks Goodlife Fitness and Quebec for cheap liquor tax)

wpid-20150620_210548.jpg wpid-20150621_000404.jpg


Jackson hits up the family cottage in Bathurst and visited Tess and Faner.

wpid-wp-1436927492510.jpg wpid-wp-1436927505559.jpg

Why not take the coffee to the river on a Wednesday morning at 6am? It’s beautiful. Not a bad back yard Merredith and Richard!

wpid-wp-1436927613275.jpg wpid-wp-1436927602351.jpg wpid-20150708_191055.jpg wpid-wp-1436882773688.jpeg wpid-wp-1437294141282.jpg wpid-20150708_191104.jpg

Thanks Jane and Matt for hosting us at your new cottage on Grand Lake, NB. This is a gem of a spot. The water is just cool enough to get the heart beating and paddle boarding against the wind and waves makes for a good challenge.

wpid-wp-1436927637180.jpg wpid-wp-1436927627658.jpg

Erin joined Katie and Seth for a beach day at Little River Beach, NB. The sun was shining bright!

wpid-wp-1436927730043.jpg   wpid-wp-1436927682517.jpg wpid-wp-1436927716397.jpg wpid-wp-1436927666832.jpg wpid-wp-1436927653886.jpg



 wpid-wp-1436927696151.jpg  wpid-wp-1437912611777.jpg wpid-wp-1437700411113.jpg

wpid-wp-1437558475567.jpg wpid-wp-1437700385724.jpg

The cottage on the South Shore of NS is really delivering this summer. Jackson’s grandmother Jackie enjoyed herself out on a Saturday morning ride on the Atlantic Ocean care of the Hilton family. Lindsay, it’s just like old times! The cottage has been ours since 2012 and this summer we gave it a little love – painting. Erin’s been using cottage time for hobbies too – strengthening those fingers on guitar and making jewelry.

Let the adventures continue!

$892.41 spent this week, $35984.85 spent since travels began in November


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