Hello South America: Lima

By Erin and Jackson


After a number of months bouncing around Eastern Canada, we were ready to head out on another adventure. This time we chose Peru, the beautiful nation of great food and kind people, not to mention world treasures like Machu Picchu. We’ve been kicking around Lima (a city of 8.5 million) for nearly two weeks with our friend Julia, getting to know our neighborhood of Miraflores, studying Spanish, hitting the gym, socializing, eating great food (es muy rico) and doing lots of walking.


What we love about Lima so far:

  1. People have been so friendly
  2. There is so much opportunity to speak practice Spanish even in the tourist districts
  3. Lunch including appetizer, main with a drink is $4 Canadian at many of the local restaurants
  4. We are taking advantage of the siesta tradition
  5. The weather is way better than in Canada right now! (although relatively mild compared to how people think about South America at 17°)


Parque de la Reserva (Magic Water Circuit)

wpid-wp-1446002663547.jpg wpid-wp-1446002646925.jpg

This is a stunning park full of fountains, some set to music with lights and colour to bring out the child in everyone.

wpid-wp-1446002678844.jpg wpid-wp-1446002752573.jpg

And you can play in the water too!

wpid-wp-1446002734129.jpg wpid-wp-1446002704925.jpg


Going out in Lima

Pisco sours – who wouldn’t like a drink topped with frothed egg whites? Seems healthy right.

wpid-wp-1446002501727.jpg wpid-wp-1446002403716.jpg

Yes, we found karaoke in Lima. As you can see, Julia was muy enthusiastic.

wpid-wp-1446508638526.jpg wpid-wp-1446002535333.jpg

Ceviche, ceviche, ceviche. Peru is known to have some of the best in the world. Sometimes it’s even just the starter for a $4 CAD lunch here.


An international meetup with Mundolingo, a group that brings the world together for drinks in many languages. In fact, throughout the night, at some point we all spoke 3 languages in the same sentence. (Photo credit to Mundolingo Lima)

wpid-wp-1446297743448.jpg wpid-wp-1446297764767.jpg


Halloween celebrations

First we went out with Ode (a Canadian connection) and her friends to a Halloween party at the embassy. I was really hoping Trudeau would hear we would be there…and then hop a plane to meet us for the party. If you’re wondering, Julia went as a bulletin board and Erin went as life giving out lemons (and asking “What are you going to do with that?…to which many people still looked very confused).

wpid-wp-1446297803304.jpg wpid-wp-1446297851110.jpg wpid-wp-1446297835266.jpg

Another fiesta at the Peruwayna language school with our teacher Melisa and other students. This time can you guess what Julia and Erin went as? (hint: it’s a group costume)



More adventures coming soon!


Kisses to all



  1. Love seeing the pictures and an update about Peru! Glad to see you are enjoying it. Erin your lemons costume made me groan, and I think I can guess the second one. Black eyed peas right? Sending lots of hugs! Xox

    Liked by 1 person


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