Fresh salt air in Lima

November 2015

After more than 3 weeks in Lima, 10 language classes, 19 trips to the gym, probably 40 meals out and lots of miles on our feet, we can confidently report we’re enjoying our experience here. And…we finally made it out of our neighborhood and over to both Barranco (a more artsy district) and Chorrillos (a very mixed neighborhood with some awesome mountains as well as coastal views).

wpid-wp-1446902944517.jpg wpid-wp-1446903046661.jpg

That’s right, although Rio de Janeiro is known for its Christ the Redeemer statue finished in 1931, Lima wanted to do something equally as cool. So…they did the exact same thing. It is a 37m high statue built in 2011 and named Cristo del Pacífico. Quite similar to 38m statue of very similar detail in Brazil methinks.

wpid-wp-1446903019398.jpg wpid-wp-1446934382335.jpg

Our new friend Rodrigo, whom we met at Mundolingo (a weekly international social in Miraflores), took his time to show Julia and Erin around the city. Gracias Rodrigo! He spoke English and the gringos spoke Spanish. It was messy, but great practice for all.

wpid-wp-1446902995056.jpg wpid-wp-1446903073351.jpg

Jackson had a couple of interviews this week for chiropractic gigs so we wanted to celebrate the new developments. We went to one of Lima’s coolest restaurants due to its location. And heck, the food was wonderful too.

wpid-wp-1446903202519.jpg wpid-wp-1446903212012.jpg

wpid-wp-1446903230322.jpg wpid-wp-1446903187848.jpg

If you think the below pics are the same, look closely. On the left you’ll see a man in a white cape standing dangerously close to the edge. In the right photo you’ll see him in the water just right of the cliffs. The name of the restaurant, Restaurante el salto del fraile, is named “friar jump” so this is a little schtick of the restaurant to entertain the guests (oh, and the gentleman tours the crowd for tips after his jump). The tradition is quite neat – read more about the story here.

wpid-wp-1446903110773.jpg wpid-wp-1446903130529.jpg

It’s nose to the books for another week and then the girls are off to Huacachina, Arequipa, Cuzco, Machu Picchu, and Bolivia. For Jackson…only time will tell.

wpid-wp-1446935863474.jpg wpid-wp-1446935952782.jpg



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