Chasing the dragon

By Jackson

Sometimes in the early mornings I feel an intense sadness. I kick around on Facebook for a bit seeing if anyone noticed my carefully crafted posts. I crawl to the gym, sadness in tow. I reluctantly grip the 10 pounders. Half heartily warming up. Again I press. Warmth creeps in. I can feel the sadness shrink as my chest swells with blood and life. Again I press, harder heaves and AGAIN. I WAIT … stacking the 60s. Something wimpers “wait jackson, 10 more seconds”. The urge overwhelms me. I grip the weights firmly. Press, presss, PRESSSSSS.

All at once SNAP. The pain hits as hard as a horse. DAMN. I pushed too hard. Chasing that fucking dragon. It will be a week of ice and chiropractic appointments, before I’m reunited with my second love…. you are my drug, my addiction, my medicine.

So the next time you see a buff guy doin’ his thing, remember this post.

Photo by Erin Hancock.


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