Visiting Cuzco, Peru

By Erin Hancock


Cuzco is one of Peru’s loveliest places to visit. It’s a mecca for succulent cuisine, the closest big city to Machu Picchu and a great place to learn salsa (once you’ve adjusted to the altitude of course).

 wp-1449050023361.jpg wp-1449344759562.jpg

The markets are full of colourful wares, alpaca wool sweaters and semi-precious jewelry.

wp-1449344721273.jpg wp-1449344808671.jpg

One of our favourite restaurant was Tinta, a little spot with kind staff, great art and yummy food near Plaza de Armas.


We finally tasted the chicha (purple corn juice) that is a staple in most Peruvians lunch menus. We asked for unsweetened chicha (something fairly uncommon as the drink usually comes extra sweet) and it was a tart, refreshing drink.

wp-1449345090497.jpg wp-1449050047791.jpg

It’s easy to make friends while staying at one of Cuzco’s social hostels. We were pleased to make some new friends and new memories while staying at Periwana hostel. Karaoke has a way of bringing people together….and bringing out some amazing dance moves! Thanks for the pilates session Sonia!

wp-1449344997013.jpg wp-1449344963832.jpg

We celebrated American Thanksgiving with David, Sabuat and Soni[t]a. No turkey, but lots of talk about how we’re all so thankful to be able to travel. #givingthankstogether

wp-1449345024406.jpg wp-1449345062034.jpg

wp-1449350256754.jpg wp-1449350295650.jpg

Cuzco at night is stunning with the mountains in the background. Be sure to head up the hill and take in the whole city at night. Although you’ll be chasing your breath for a bit once you get to the top, the view is worth it (vale la pena as they say in Spanish).


Thanks for a great visit Cuzco!



  1. Amazing and love your stories and video. The three Inca rules are still applicable today eh? You are inspiring my bucket list for my “old retirement” haha!
    Safe travels 🙂

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