An ode to flying and falling – paragliding and bungee jumping

By Erin Hancock


*So this is a special post dedicated to Jackson Mann who turns 34 on February 27. But everyone is going to enjoy this!*

wpid-wp-1426724242678.jpeg wpid-img_20150118_160957.jpg

This travel sabbatical adventure has comprised many a special adventure from hiking to bottom of the Grand Canyon to jet skiing with sharks dolphins in Key West. But today we’re going to enjoy a couple of videos of times when we got some air!

In 2015 while visiting Whistler, British Colombia, Jackson took the leap. He went bungee jumping. It wasn’t a quick or easy decision, but he followed through. Enjoy this video of his big jump.


And more recently, we took to the skies in Lima, Peru. The jagged, cliff coastline of Lima makes the prospect of paragliding a little intimidating, but Jackson was game from the word go. Enjoy this video of him.


And myself (Erin), being a lot more timid around heights and the possibility of falling…well I did it too! So check out this video of me going from terrified to completely loving it.


Happy birthday Jackson! Here’s to a bunch more adventures to come (as long as the chute always opens)!


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