Medellin, Colombia

By Erin Hancock

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Medellin is perhaps best known for the notorious Pablo Escobar. However, these days, Medellin has cleaned up its act and is a relatively safe and enjoyable place to visit. There are lots of great tours to choose from. They are popular, so book ahead. You won’t see me reporting on any here because….well, I didn’t book ahead. Also, keep in mind most things are closed on Sundays so Sunday is a good day to walk around but not much else.

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Botero, one of Colombia’s most famous artists, has his work featured in this magnificent park. There are so many sculptures that the sheer number, as well as their notable curves, are worth visiting.

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There is a lot of other great art to see in the Museum of Antioquia as well as lots of Boteros. There is even an interactive “kids” section” where you can put on costumes and reenact the paintings. You don’t have to ask me twice.

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If you want to get a better understanding of the city’s geography, take the cable car up the hill. The city is sprawling.

IMG_20160214_125603 IMG_20160214_121321

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The little village “Pueblito Paisa” at the top of the hill features craftspeople, folks doing traditional dances and a few neat restaurants.

IMG_20160214_122102 IMG_20160214_123935

The gentleman selling jewelry made from old watch pieces had some great stuff (top right).

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There is an organic market in El Poblado, one of the city’s most popular neighborhoods. I spoke to a guy from California there and he said it’s the only place in the city where you can buy kale. So if you’re traveling and have a hankering for kale – this is your spot. At most restaurants you can get the bandeja paisa (either with meat or vegetarian) and it’s awesome – arepa (rice pancake of sorts), rice and beans, eggs, cheese, avocado.

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Thanks for tuning in!


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