We are Erin and Jackson, a fun-loving, 30-something married couple from Canada who are taking a sabbatical from all responsibilities and our former work to simply explore, take it slow, enjoy each other’s company, take in the local culture and take things as they come. We have lived in Ontario (Toronto and Ottawa) from 2008-2014 and once Jackson graduated from chiropractic college, Erin left her job, we sold our house, rehomed our little dog Sophie, moved our tiny collection of possessions to Nova Scotia where we’ll be heading after this trip and… we hit the road.

The plan:

-Leave Fredericton, New Brunswick on November 19, 2014 in a Road Trek van and head south to Maine….and continue south, heading clockwise around the perimeter of the US. Report: Did this! Until May, 2015 we traveled around the US and Canada in a van. Look back through the blog to see our adventures from Key West to Austin, the Grand Canyon, California and beyond.

-After the road trip we spent a few months around Nova Scotia and New Brunswick with family, friends. We took on a few small projects and then we decided to set our sights on South America.

-In October of 2015 we headed to Peru where first we studied Spanish for a short time and then Jackson became the chiropractor at Centro Quiropratico Ray in Huancayo. Erin joined friend Julia to travel around Peru, to Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil.


We’d love to meet new friends along the way so contact us if you want to connect! (comment on this page and we’ll get back to you)


  1. Erin, this is soo cool – contact me if ever you’re back in the Ottawa area and looking for a place to crash 🙂

    * Maxime (from Katimavik)



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