Week 19 update

March 25-31, 2015.

This week was full of nice weather as we headed to California’s bay area. We spent some time outside and visited the Headquarters of one of our favourite tech companies – Evernote. At the end of the week our friend Jill will be joining us for 9 days of road tripping so we’re super excited for that.


We love Evernote – this awesome program that keeps our lives organized and stores all of our documents/info/pics/etc. When we went paperless last year when we sold our house in Toronto, we moved three bookcases of documents, photo albums and books into digital form through this program. So when we found out we could visit their office in Redwood City, California, we knew we had to make it a destination.


Above is us in the lobby of the Evernote offices with Ryan and Richard who are a couple creative guys from Toronto who now live in Cali and work for Evernote. They gave us a sweet tour of the offices. Check out their walking work stations below. Imagine being able to work while walking on a treadmill.


The work space is all open concept, with meeting rooms on the side.


Jackson tried on some of the bags. Evernote = an organized life (and this bag is chiropractic-approved). The other staff were super friendly too (shout out to Jessica). This was a full-out geek experience and we loved every moment. Check it out for yourself: evernote.com


We should mention we went to the Facebook HQ too (in Paulo Alto) and we couldn’t get a tour (no public access whatsoever). Thumbs down = unlike.


We went to Stevens Creek County Park for a hike.


You can’t beat the weather!

wpid-img_20150328_142329.jpg wpid-img_20150328_153932.jpg

wpid-img_20150328_153609.jpg wpid-img_20150328_152553.jpg

On an inner-city walk in Santa Clara, we found some great fruit. Yummy!


We also found a sweet relaxin’ chair….which unfortunately didn’t fit in the van.


We finally got the van washed and it is shiny new.


We may be getting a little too comfortable living in parking lots…we added a backyard.


Jackson tried some experiments with dry ice…..we have a lot of time on our hands 🙂



We treated ourselves to Thai food in Newark, CA after a week of solid working out at Anytime Fitness. Note Jackson brought basil from our “back yard” to add to his dish.


We also indulged in Turkish food (and comic book stores) in Berkeley.

We visited Life West Chiropractic College in Hayward, CA where Jackson studied to write American chiropractic board exams a few years ago.

wpid-img_20150331_135758.jpg wpid-img_20150331_140347.jpg


1 US state this week (CA), 24 in total during the trip
667 kms this week (414 mi), 15672 total on the trip (9738 mi)
Spent $630.80 this week, $15066.18 total USD