Oktoberfest, Vankleek Hill

By Erin

It wasn’t that long ago that I realized that I have a pretty strong German heritage. Although my family has been settled in Canada for many generations, I find it novel to explore my European roots. And what better way to take a light-hearted approach to celebrating this heritage¬†than Oktoberfest?!


In Vankleek Hill, about an hour’s drive from Ottawa, Beau’s Brewery hosts a weekend celebration that includes competitions, music, costumes, beer and bratwurst. The competitions range from holding beer steins full of beer and seeing who is the last man or woman standing, tossing kegs and tug-o-war. The music didn’t necessarily reflect German roots all that much, but it was fun nonetheless. Check out the festival site here


The above beer stacking challenge was not an official festival event, but this man took it on very seriously. When he finished several hours later, a huge cheer swept the tent and then he ceremoniously destroyed it….and then an even louder cheer followed.


The crowd gathered above to cheer on the tug-o-war teams. Lots of falls and great team spirit!

Even vegetarians could eat to their hearts’ content. The lentil kaesespaetzle with homemade BBQ sauce from Two Six {Ate} in Ottawa hit the spot on a cold day. It tasted great served with Beau’s Kissmeyer: Nordic pale ale.


The Beaches from Toronto were this rockin’ all-girl band who got the best crowd of the whole festival probably.


We had to cuddle to stay warm! Thanks for the invite Jeannine and thanks to Lesley, Igga, Rob and crew for a fun day.

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