Week 22 update

April 15-21, 2015.

This week we wrapped up our time in the USA (for now) and headed to the great north – Canada!! After 21 weeks of traversing the US of A, we were ready to come back to our homeland and explore places in our own country that we have never seen before – starting with British Columbia. We did a lot of hiking this week and see the video below of Jackson bungee jumping – that’s right, jumping off a bridge!


Before leaving the US we did a little outlet shopping – mostly for hiking clothes. We got some deals! Also, Jackson took up a very brief career in lingerie modeling (i.e. he made all of the passersby feel like they could fit in with these ladies too).


Erin’s doing a 3-week hiking/camping trip in Iceland in June so she got some great gear for the trip (and for future trips).


We stayed in Seatlle for a mere couple of hours so we drove through the downtown market district, along the waterfront and then to Archie MacPhee’s novelty shop. We could definitely return to Seattle in the future and see a LOT more.

wpid-img_20150416_124649.jpg wpid-img_20150416_114326.jpg

We had one more meal of s’mores van-style too.

wpid-wp-1429285791538.jpg wpid-wp-1429285764817.jpg

Then we crossed the border! We spent a day in Surrey, British Columbia mostly at the gym and getting our new cell phones set up. That night we headed to a pizza party at Jackson’s cousin’s place in West Vancouver. Katie and her partner Matt have some great friends and Matt makes a killer homemade pizza crust.


wpid-wp-1429734067049.jpg wpid-wp-1429733894635.jpg

wpid-wp-1429734016910.jpg wpid-wp-1429733959658.jpg

We met Chelsea Rooney at the party who happens to be from the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia like Erin. She recently wrote a book “Pedal” which we got from cousin Katie and devoured in 2 days. It’s about a bike trip across Canada and pedophilia -it’s daring and challenging.


We spent the Sunday with Katie and Matt in the great outdoors. We went to Cypress Mountain which is full of birds and awesome views of the Pacific Ocean. Don’t feed the birds!

wpid-wp-1429734126069.jpg wpid-wp-1429734380408.jpg

wpid-wp-1429734209441.jpg wpid-wp-1429734282420.jpg

Even though we had planned on heading East right away, our friend (a Chiropractic college buddy of Jackson’s) Chelsea reccomended we head a little north first to Squamish and Whistler. Driving the coast of BC is just as gorgeous as the coast of California. Everything is so lush right now.


We stopped in Whistler to check out this very popular skiing/snowboarding town. Jackson’s little brother Chris had worked there after he finished high school so we checked out his favourite restaurant – Gone Village Eatery.

wpid-wp-1429735177639.jpg wpid-wp-1429735199960.jpg

We hiked to the Brandywine Falls just south of Whistler – just 1 hour roundtrip from the bungee jumping bridge (which we were scoping out too).

wpid-wp-1429734647806.jpg wpid-wp-1429734577930.jpg

The next day, we thought – the only logical thing to do is a hike straight up a mountain (3rd day of hiking in a row). We had peace of mind knowing we could take a gondala ride back down once we reached the summit. Well, that’s what we thought. An hour into hiking straight uphill we found out from the other hikers that we were on the wrong mountain! There was no gondala at the top, so we had a picnic and then climbed back down. The Sea to Summit trail (located in Squamish) was probably the most advanced trail we’ve done thus far – constant climibing, no switch-backing.

wpid-wp-1429734712477.jpg  wpid-wp-1429734871393.jpg

wpid-wp-1429734967135.jpg wpid-wp-1429735228048.jpg


The icing on the cake of this week was Jackson’s big, bold move. He jumped off a bridge! The pics are great, but the video guarantees a superb laugh.




wpid-wp-1429735269157.jpg wpid-wp-1429735323315.jpg


Whistler Bungee, you definitely delivered on the adrenaline!


1 US state this week (WA), 26 in total during the trip
1 Canadian province this week, 2 total during the trip (NB and BC)
973 kms this week (605 mi), 19692 total on the trip (12236 mi)
Spent $1735.20 this week, $22031.72 total CAD

*So this week we spent a lot. We put new tires on the van and did some other maintenance. We also replaced a bunch of worn-out clothes. We switched to reporting in Canadian dollars this week instead of USD. The exchange rate into USD has been pretty awful during the trip so the tally looks pretty steep, but still within our alloted budget ($60,000 CAD for the year).