Week 21 update

April 8-14, 2015.

This week we traveled from Yosemite National Park in middle California through to the redwood forests in Northern California to Portland, Oregon and north into Washington State. Our friend Jill was with us for most of the week and definitely ignited a flame in us to see lots, do lots, eat, drink and be merry. This was a beautiful drive and we enjoyed the rural and urban spots along the way. Portland, of course, was a big hit as well (super HIPSTER).


Yosemite National Park was stunning. Jackson joined Jill and Erin for day two of hiking where we visited Mirror Lake and Nevada Falls. See how clear the reflection is in Mirror Lake.

wpid-wp-1428971196152.jpeg wpid-wp-1428971075155.jpeg

wpid-wp-1428971248123.jpeg  wpid-wp-1428971043654.jpeg

We chose some easy trails and took our time to take it all in. It was chilly but at least it didn’t snow that day like day one of hiking Yosemite.

wpid-wp-1428971016105.jpeg wpid-wp-1428971053641.jpeg

As we headed to northern California, we had to hit up a big tourist attraction – the drive-thru tree. Of course, the van is too large to drive through so it was a walk-thru tree for us.


Jill and Erin couldn’t wait to hike the trails through the redwoods. These trees were so, so huge! wpid-wp-1428971782381.jpeg wpid-wp-1428971472806.jpeg

Are you beginning to get the idea of how big these trees are?

wpid-wp-1428971745992.jpeg wpid-wp-1428971565579.jpeg


See Erin in the below pic in the bowels of tree roots of a fallen tree.


Jill looks like she’s standing by a river in New Brunswick below, but actually, it’s California.


We booked a campsite at Jedidiah Smith Park for a couple days and this put us in the heart of the forest.


Look at us in the crevice of this huge tree. We could set up camp here. It’s almost the same size as the van in there.


We made our first campfire….in our 24th US state. We made s’mores.



We headed north to Portland. So many people told us we would love that city and we definitely did. Jill and Erin toured Alberta Street and the East Side through the thrift shops, art studios, pubs and cafes.



We watched some live music at the Alberta Street Pub.



wpid-wp-1428972243913.jpeg wpid-wp-1428972212640.jpeg


Kim Kardashian, have truer words ever been spoken? (see quote in the picture below)

wpid-wp-1428972165822.jpeg wpid-wp-1428972121389.jpeg

We all did brunch and a comedy show together.

wpid-wp-1428972059936.jpeg wpid-wp-1428972072327.jpeg


Jill took us out for a “thanks for letting me join your vacation and live in your van” dinner at Pok Pok Thai restaurant.


We had a really good cup of coffee at Ace Hotel downtown Portland.

wpid-wp-1428972358898.jpeg wpid-wp-1428972373183.jpeg

We had a morning drink at Zeus Cafe too. It only makes sense to follow morning coffee with a stiff drink when you’re on vacation we figure.

wpid-wp-1428972438879.jpeg wpid-wp-1428972394708.jpeg

We browsed the shelves at the iconic Powell’s bookstore before we did an “aptitude” test at the Scientology Centre and then grabbed some food truck yummies for lunch before dropping Jill at the airport (a sad moment).

wpid-wp-1428972485089.jpeg wpid-wp-1428972510814.jpeg


3 US states this week (CA, OR, WA), 26 in total during the trip
1961 kms this week (1219 mi), 18719 total on the trip (11631 mi)
Spent $534.47 this week, $16368.16 total USD